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My thoughts are:  I can’t stand right wing and left wing news and am almost to the point of not watching any news at all from any station, since it’s … Continue reading

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Professors and Student Mental Health

This semester was a particularly challenging one, and one I hope that is never repeated.  One of my U.S. History survey students passed away under questionable circumstances with the  lean … Continue reading

December 20, 2015 · 2 Comments

The end of the semester slump (It’s not just the students!)

My employer, Georgia Regents University, has a very late Spring Break each year, as does each of the public schools in our surrounding area.  We are tied to the Master’s … Continue reading

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Academic life crisis

This is where I am now–in a classroom or on a computer or grading papers. I’m having an academic mid-life crisis today as I am extremely unhappy with what I … Continue reading

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Academia is bad for my health?

So, a day before grades were due my blood pressure went over 170/90 and I couldn’t get my pulse under 98bpm. Not good, huh?!? It’s four days later and I … Continue reading

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The Travel Reimbursement Conundrum, Part 1

So, it’s that time of year again.  I have to travel in the first week of January as I almost always have for the past 10 years to the American … Continue reading

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Looking for money in all the wrong places…

Googling for grant money (click here) Social Scientists and those in the Humanities who lament over the difficulty in finding funding might want to look at this link.  My Dean … Continue reading

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