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_Season of Migration to the North_ the classic work by Eltayeb Salih

Reading a new fiction piece by the former Sudani author, (El)Tayeb Salih, titled _Season of Migration to the North_ and wondering why it took almost 40 years to make it into English translation in the USA, when the Brits had it 2 years after publication. Hailed as one of the best Arabic authors of modern fiction, winner of African writing awards, some Sudani say he should have received more accolades, but was passed over in favor of other authors (Egyptian, for instance) because Sudan was not “popular” enough in world media and circles at that time.

The New York Times review can be found at:

I’ll write a full review when I have finished it, but already there are some sections that will be controversial for Arab/African/Muslim/Sudani folks with issues related to alcohol consumption, infidelity, female circumcision and more.Image


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