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The end of the semester slump (It’s not just the students!)

My employer, Georgia Regents University, has a very late Spring Break each year, as does each of the public schools in our surrounding area.  We are tied to the Master’s Golf Tournament, which adds significantly to traffic and causes for road closures and general congestion in the downtown Augusta area.  This is all good for the economy, and gives Richmond County a fresh look with people sprucing up businesses and the city planting flowers in Broad Street planters.  No one dislikes Masters; in fact, many of my college students make considerable extra money in tips and pay associated with working the tournament.  So, what’s the problem?

Master’s is usually the first full week of April.  The end of the semester is usually the last week in April.  It’s really challenging to come off of Masters Week/Spring Break and roll right into only 2 1/2 weeks left to the semester.  For the students and faculty it feels like being run over by a steam roller each semester.  I see the weary eyes of my colleagues.  I look at my deer-in-headlights panicking students, many of whom realize that they cannot make up for an entire semester’s missed assignments or poor grades in this last push.  Likewise, many professors go into panic mode realizing that all the grading their failed to complete over break because of focus on family or away at conferences is going to haunt them with anxiety laden dreams until the last day of class.

So, at this point on the 18th of April with one week remaining in the Spring 2015 semester, I wish my students all the best in their studying and preparation for final projects and papers.  I also wish my fellow faculty members lots of productivity in the sleepless nights to come and for extra patience for the staff that has to deal with us.  And, I am wishing someone out there has a solution to this yearly trial and suggestions on this fixed calendar system that doesn’t seem to benefit anyone aside from the golfers.  Go Jordan!

Intravenous coffee

Intravenous coffee–It’s all the rage with profs!


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