Kharobah Dreaming

Musings about academe in haphazard fashion.


Just an average every day person.  Well, if you think that a female, English/Italian-American, New Englander, Associate Professor of Latin American History is “average-every-day,” then you are my kind of open-minded pal!  If you do not think that I can be an “average” professor, then you probably have more questions for me.

Am I Liberal or Conservative?  Depends on if you ask me about foreign affairs or my thoughts on welfare.

Am I Republican or Democrat?  I’m more a closet apathetic anarchist.

Am I religious, as in regularly practicing an organized faith?  Let’s just say I was baptized Methodist, raised Roman Catholic, my father is a born-again Christian minister, and I converted to Islam and my current best bud leans towards Hinduism.  Oh, yeah, you probably caught the Islam comment.  I’m a scarf totin’ Muslim, but I’m not going door to door handing out Qurans.  If you are on a peaceful, moral path, then I’d be happy to be somehow part of your journey; I’m content with my own path and not interested in preaching at someone, nor being the subject of someone else’s preaching.

Am I looking to convert my students to my religion or political ideology or lifeway?  Nope.  I’m just hoping to positively impact them in the way that very crucial folks impacted me along my own rough and tumble journey.  I want to help them question, critically analyze, write well, dream big, and reach their goals.

Hope that helps you understand who I am a bit more.  If not, well, I drive an S.U.V.  and am not coordinated enough at home to recycle (so there goes the environmentalist possibility).  I have a total of 2 rabbits, 1 cat, and a whole ton of fish and feed the neighborhood birds and love to garden (so I am a bit “crunchy”, until you realize that the pets belong to my children and 1/2 of what I plant dies).  I am a fish/shellfish eating vegetarian (not because of PETA, but because of my weight, cholesterol, and general health).  I’m married, have kids, live in the burbs, own my home, and pay taxes (so, that sounds rather average and mundane until you find my husband was a former refugee from Sudan).   So, again, I’m just an average person–run of the mill.


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