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I’m not a feminist or a Women’s Studies professor, but…

I just signed my Fall contract, which is always reassuring in a recession.  For those of you who don’t know, many professors like myself are on 10 month salary contracts … Continue reading

July 3, 2013 · 2 Comments

Short term memory loss–unfortunately the norm for THIS historian!

So, this happens to me at least every couple weeks. I’m in the grocery store and the person bagging looks familiar.  I’m in the line at the post office, and … Continue reading

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_Season of Migration to the North_ the classic work by Eltayeb Salih

Reading a new fiction piece by the former Sudani author, (El)Tayeb Salih, titled _Season of Migration to the North_ and wondering why it took almost 40 years to make it … Continue reading

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Book Review _The Minaret_ by Leila Aboulela

Ok, this is not a very formal review, rather more my first thoughts on this work by famed author in the UK, Leila Aboulela.  Apparently she is Egyptian by heritage, … Continue reading

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Book Review _Love in a Headscarf_ by Shelina Z. Janmohamed

What a fun, refreshing, and good natured presentation of the process and problems facing Western-raised Muslim women on the market for marriage. This is the true story of a British … Continue reading

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Book Review_The Butterfly Mosque_ by G. Willow Wilson

Just finished reading one of the books on the list of readings on the Augusta Library grant for diversity.  After reading it, I’m almost angry.  How could I not have … Continue reading

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The Mobile Academic–Part 1, Learning by Mistake

I know that I’m in a new age when I am actually writing this blog driving in my car and using voice to text controls on my iPhone 4 S … Continue reading

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